Science has linked negative beliefs (epigenetics) and emotions trapped in the body to disease. Releasing these blocks through ThetaHealing® has already changed thousands of people’s lives.

Imagine bringing in the provocative forces of your Angelic Team (assigned to you prior to your birth). What could you manifest as you combine your divine power with your angelic forces?

This Work Will Help You…

  • Identify and release subconscious blocks and beliefs
  • Release fear (false evidence appearing real)
  • Heal yourself, others, animals, and the planet
  • Shift the cells of your body to a higher vibration
  • Strengthen the connection to your higher self,
    Source, the Angels, divinity, and the universe
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life
  • Become the most powerful manifestor of your reality
  • Release spiritual contracts, vows, and ancestral oaths
    that no longer serve
  • Find spiritual alignment
  • Return to your highest truth
  • Connect to inspiration

Women’s Retreat

Join me at Asilomar for an inspiring get-away! This women’s retreat features leading women in the healing arts, to bring forth profound personal transformation, healing, wisdom regarding your authentic self, and inspiration for your heart and soul.  Read More >>

Upcoming Classes

ThetaHealing® – Basic DNA
Jan 20-22, 2017

ThetaHealing® – Advanced DNA
Feb 3-5, 2017

ThetaHealing® – Game of Life
Guest Presenter: Sean Campbell
Feb 24-26, 2017

ThetaHealing® – Plant
Guest Presenter: Sean Campbell
Feb 27, 2017

ThetaHealing® – Basic DNA
Mar 31 – Apr 2, 2017  (18 CEUs)

ThetaHealing® – Advanced DNA
Apr 28-30, 2017  (18 CEUs)

ThetaHealing® – Intuitive Anatomy
May 3-21, 2017

ThetaHealing® – DNA 3
May 31 – Jun 4, 2017

ThetaHealing® – Disease & Disorders
Jun 21 – Jul 2, 2017

Participating in the ThetaHealing basic DNA course was a life changing experience. During the three day course I deepened my connection to my higher power and became aware of my own latent intuitive abilities; It was like coming home and remembering my true purpose in life.

Rochelle is a compassionate, magical and joyful person to work with. Her instruction in the ThetaHealing modality is thorough and clear and she creates an emotionally safe environment that enables you to go deep and heal yourself while learning to facilitate healing in others.

Linda Balcazar