Angel Series – Part 1

In this first class, you will begin to build your connection and foundation for full blown messages from your divine team.

You will meet your guardian angels, yes…you have more than one! You will learn their names and hear their loving & guiding messages for you. You will also meet your guides and totems and discover their love and devotion to you and your life’s purpose. The elementals join us in this process, too. There is an unfolding process between you and your team on how they can help you and how you can assist in the healing of the planet.


  •  Feel, see, hear, and know your angels, guides & totems
  •  Understand the messages
  •  Recognize the signs of divine communication
  •  Connection
  •  Tap into angelic guidance
  •  Increase your intuitive abilities
  •  Raise your confidence
  •  Remove fear, doubt & disbelief


Three hour workshop.


Angel Series – Part 1 $71

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