Getting to Know Your Angels

Come and meet your guardian angels, guides and totems.

Discover their names and learn how to connect and understand their loving, guiding messages to you. Explore ways they can assist you to smooth out your life purpose. Feel their loving and devoted nature to you, your path and purpose. Know now and forever moving forward that you are not alone, that you can never ask for too much or too little and that they are by your side to help you succeed.



  •  Feel, see, hear, and know your angels, guides & totems
  •  Understand the messages
  •  Recognize the signs of divine communication
  •  Connection
  •  Tap into angelic guidance
  •  Increase your intuitive abilities
  •  Raise your confidence
  •  Remove fear, doubt & disbelief


Five hour workshop.


Getting to Know Your Angels $111

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