Angel Series – Part 2

guardian angel
In this second class, you will meet the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. Discover which Archangels and Masters are aligned to work with you on your life purpose, which ones to call in, as you move through life’s ever flowing transitions, and how you can tune others into these celestial beings to advance the vibration and healing for the whole.


  • Learn the different tasks of each Archangel & Ascended Master
  • Know which Archangels & Ascended Masters to call in for the variety of your life purposes
  • Develop ease in your simple to more challenging day to day events
  • Enhance your life by calling in extra assistance
  • Learn which Ascended Masters & Archangels you came in with, to assist you on your soul’s journey
  • Discover that you were assigned all the support you will ever need to complete your mission, all you must do is ask
  • Increase your intuitive abilities


Three hour workshop.


Angel Series – Part 2 $71

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