Theta Healing® Disease and Disorders Workshop (55 CEUs*)

Disorders image Disease and Disorders is a 10-day certification course designed to clear your fears around sickness and disease. There are 100 diseases and disorders comprised in this course and a variety of beliefs to clear within each one. If there is a fear, belief or trauma held within the practitioner regarding disease or disorders, it’s possible to inhibit healing for self or for others.

This course allows you to enrich your knowledge of the emotional and physical aspects of dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit. This seminar also covers minerals and herbs, creating more depth for the alternative practitioner.

  •  Clear fears around disease and disorders
  •  Understand how and why we draw illness to us
  •  Discover why illness serves an individual and assist them in the release of their condition while allowing them to keep the knowledge
  •  Become a keen listener to belief systems to help identify certain diseases and disorders
  •  Gain the tools to be a confident, supportive intuitive to aid in the healing of self and others
*pending (CEUs must be authorized each time the class is taught.)
Board of Acupuncture Provider #1375, Category 1 – Pending approval.


ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorders Workshop – $1610
Early Bird Registration $1430
(please check the schedule for Early Bird dates)

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