Theta Healing® DNA 3 Workshop (27.5 CEUs*)

DNA 3 DNA 3 is a 5-day certification course designed to integrate personal healing and earth healing. The belief work is geared towards confronting and clearing the impossible, to unlock your hidden potential.

As your paradigm shifts, your true potential is revealed and you begin to realize how to enhance changes in your personal healing and the healing of our world.


  •  Change the molecular structure of water
  •  Play with bi-location
  •  Haromonize and align your 3 sacred molecules
  •  Master the expansion technique to hone your intuitive abilities
  •  Explore telekinesis
  •  Learn which elements will aid in shifting weather patterns
  •  Remember the elements to which you are most connected **
  •  Discover your sacred names in each plane of existence **
  •  Reveal the laws with which you work **
** These are the keys to increasing your abilities as a healer or intuitive
  and to bringing forth profound shifts on our planet.

*pending (CEUs must be authorized each time the class is taught.)
Board of Acupuncture Provider #1375, Category 1


ThetaHealing® DNA 3 Workshop – $1250
Early Bird Registration $1160
(please check the schedule for Early Bird dates)

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