Custom Integrated Healing Sessions

In a custom integrated session, the client receives the most appropriate energy modality or set of modalities that best serves them on that day, with the issue at hand.

Sessions are offered in person or remotely by phone or Skype.


Custom Integrated Healing Session
(One Hour) $152

“During my last session with Rochelle, we approached my needs starting with restorative and advanced bodywork and breathing. From this grounded and centered place, Rochelle brought us into a theta wave state where the Creator could access and heal old issues bogging down my growth and overall well-being.

Because Rochelle is certified in several methods of healing and wellness, she is uniquely qualified to facilitate the greatest healing in the moment. Our bodies store information, memories, and emotions, and they are also the fulcrum of change and restoration. I am grateful for her kind, compassionate way of generating transformation through my body, mind, heart, and soul.”

Denise Elizabeth Byron