Rochelle’s awareness of her healing and clairvoyant abilities were awakened early in life. As a child, she knew she could use her hands to heal people and animals. She also had the ability to tap into other realms. This awareness and her continued curiosity led her on a path of spiritual and metaphysical study.

Rochelle completed the “Conscience Body, Conscience Mind” program with Dr. Darren Weissman, and went on to study ThetaHealing, developed by Vianna Stibal. Rochelle is now a ThetaHealing instructor and practitioner. To enrich her inherent ability to work with the Angels, Rochelle became a Certified Angel Intuitive and a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue. Her experience as an Access Consciousness practitioner, Reiki Master and Registered Yoga Teacher enhances Rochelle’s ability to work with many fields of energy.

Rochelle has a deep connection to the Creative Intelligence of the universe. She brings this heart-felt relationship into her healing work, channeling the energy of Love and Light to co-create physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Rochelle’s understanding of, and respect for, individual belief structures allows her to grace her clients with love and support on their journey to health and self-empowerment.

Certified Angel Therapist/ Certified Theta Healing Instructor & Practioner/ Reiki Master/

Rochelle is a natural teacher, intuitive and energetic healer. Born into a family that nourished and supported her abilities she was allowed to flourish spiritually. Like many sensitive intuitives, she felt that she was strange, a misfit and had trouble feeling like she could fit in. Rochelle kept herself and gifts hidden except those closest to her heart. As her connection grew with Source, the angels and divinity, she was guided to become an energetic healer & spiritual teacher.

Even as Rochelle heard God’s words over and over again, “you are a healer, now get to work” she did her best to hide away from her path, great uncertainty unfolding before her. At the time Rochelle was in a marriage with a traditional thinking man, co-owned a socially respectable business and had 2 very young children. She found it difficult to imagine that there could be a profession based on healing, teaching the metaphysical, and service to other’s spirits that could also provide for her & her family.

As God’s voice became louder and louder she could no longer avoid this obvious direction that had been gifted to her. Rochelle sometimes refers to her previous self as a closet healer, now well out of the closet she is a loving, compassionate, nurturing soul and brings with her a healing presence. Her marriage did end and Rochelle took off like a rocket ship on her path.

Rochelle now assists many on their own journeys of self-discover through teaching and private sessions. She provides a space for healing, self-transformation, spiritual growth and development and self-empowerment while building on the foundation of truth, that we are all creators of our realities.

Rochelle is a
– Certified Theta Healing Instructor & Practitioner (By founder Vianna Stibal)
– Certified Angel Intuitive (By Doreen Virtue)
– Reiki Master
– Certified Access Consciousness (Bars) Practitioner

Rochelle is a ThetaHealing® Master Healer.
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