Rochelle is a passionate, generous and kind teacher and healer. Her extensive knowledge of ThetaHealing®, natural intuitive insight and loving compassion make working with Rochelle a unique and powerful experience. She has helped me illuminate my path, expand my awareness and energize my spirit. I highly recommend working with Rochelle.
Michele K., Palo Alto, CA
Rochelle was recommended to me by a healer I’ve done a lot of spiritual development work with as the next step in my progress. After my first session with Rochelle I could tell that something deep within me had shifted and released. She is a master at honing in on the core beliefs that drive us. I was so impressed by what she did in our session that I took both her Beginning & Advanced ThetaHealing®. These classes help me continue to shift, grow and ultimately, to share these gifts with others. I can’t recommend Rochelle enough as both a teacher and a healer – she is amazing at both.
Jesse Kennedy
ThetaHealing® with Rochelle Stanley changed my life. I found myself at a precipice in my life; Mom passed away suddenly, a breakup & financial distress. From the first meeting there was a tangible weight lifted off of me. In 6 months, I found my life had completely changed and more healing took place than I had ever anticipated. The work we do together, still today, has profound effects on my life. My gratitude to your work, and the effect on my life is immeasurable.
Katy Harrison
Rochelle has been such an inspiration to me! As a Nurse Practitioner I am always looking for tools to help others obtain their optimum health. Rochelle’s classes in ThetaHealing® not only promoted my best health, but provided me with techniques to help others. Having such a wonderful healer here is Santa Cruz is such a privilege. Every day I am amazed by the power of ThetaHealing.
Ramona Smith
Rochelle is a truly gifted healer and teacher. Whether in a class or a private session I always get so much out of our time together. With her support and guidance I have been able to shift many beliefs that were not serving me. Through her classes I’ve developed and grown in my own healing abilities. I’m grateful to have her support as I journey through life.
Sheri M.
ThetaHealing® is like food that I can’t live without! I can’t wait to work with you again.
Anne Mark
Participating in the ThetaHealing® basic DNA course was a life-changing experience. During the 3 day course, I deepened my connection to my higher power and became aware of my own latent intuitive abilities; It was like coming home and remembering my true purpose in life.

Rochelle is a compassionate, magical and joyful person to work with. Her instruction in the ThetaHealing® modality is thorough and clear and she creates an emotionally safe environment that enables you to go deep and heal yourself while learning to facilitate healing in others.

Linda Balcazar
Rochelle, please allow me to submit a testimonial for you as thanks for all you have done for my daughter Mary and myself.

I have been ill for 15 years and house bound for the last three, suffering with Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Fibro Myalgia, Epstein Bar Syndrome, Catalepsy and vitamin malabsorption. Two Theta Sessions with Rochelle have been far more successful than the course of treatment over several years with Doctors and prescriptions. My energy has increased and my pain is relieved. My vitamin levels are at normal and I have not clasped since Rochelle has worked with me. I would recommend Rochelle and ThetaHealing® to any one in a heartbeat.

Mary has suffered with chronic UTI’s and bed-wetting since she was a toddler. We made several trips to the Doctors with little success. Rochelle’s Medical intuitive read uncovered my daughter’s urinary track issues finding a narrow urethra and a current UTI (doctors confirmed). She has not had an infection, discomfort or bed-wetting since the healing. Through the medical intuitive read Rochelle also unveiled that Mary may need eye glasses. After an eye exam, Mary is now wearing prescription glasses.

Michele A.
Thank You Rochelle for your unique gifts of healing. Our ThetaHealing® sessions together have been powerful, bringing relief in my body, mind and heart. I appreciate your ability to listen and generate a healing container. I have already recommended you to several clients and friends and will continue to do so with pleasure.
Denise B.
I have had two sessions of ThetaHealing® with Rochelle. In the first session she addressed a serve skin condition including psoriasis. I had consulted with a doctor and had been informed that it was untreatable and would have to “run it’s course”, of six months to a year. When I had left the session with Rochelle I had experienced immediate relief from burning and itching and was free from all symptoms within two days.

In the next session she addresses a painful problem with fluid behind my eardrum. I was under a doctor’s care and taking multiple medications. Even with the antibiotics and steroids I was still feeling the full effects of the malady. As she worked on me I had immediate relief of both pressure and pain.

Although I cannot describe this from a physiological standpoint, I can only say that my physical problems were truly healed from these sessions. I must add that she is clearly a caring person and has a way of putting one at ease. Bases on my experience I will continue to see Rochelle and would recommend her for someone seeking an alternative modality of healing.

I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for tools that are not only self-transformative but can help you facilitate and support others on their journey as well.
D. Byron
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful soul mate workshop. I feel as though I received a good clearing of all my crap that was not allowing me to fully experience all the pleasure that my current relationship has to offer. I have been able to appreciate my current partner just the way he is, Celebrating the things that I truly enjoy about him and not taking the rest so personally.

I love you, you are super awesome, so happy to be surrounded by such wonderful people.
XOXOX Bonnie

Bonnie Bea
Rochelle has a warm heart and a beautiful open spirit. I have known her for a couple of years and she has always made me feel very safe, whether it be trusting her guidance with my yoga practice or with my exploration into ThetaHealing®.

Stepping into Rochelle’s yoga class for the first time I was taken by surprise. She has a truly nurturing soul. I’ve attended other yoga classes, but not had the same experience. In fact, with Rochelle, I’ve felt as if my spiritual body was being nurtured alongside my physical body.

Rochelle’s ThetaHealing® workshops have been equally healing. In Intro to ThetaHealing® we dove right into the Theta practices. Being that the process was new to me I needed a little hand holding and she was there to support me.

I recently completed her Advanced ThetaHealing® workshop and it was even better than the first. I was comforted by her encouragement and positivity. She has a way of creating a safe haven whenever it is needed.

Tracy Spencer
The power and beauty of ThetaHealing® has deeply and profoundly changed my life. Partially, this is due to theta itself but the rest is a direct result of Rochelle. Her teaching ability, her loving energy and generous spirit are a blessing. Her compassion and wisdom guiding me through basic and advanced theta has given me a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for her approach and her knowledge. She’s a wonderful healing presence in my life and I am grateful she was my instructor. She is a true master, one that I know I will continue to be inspired by for the rest of my life.
Joni Strenning
I met Rochelle in 2012 and have had the great pleasure of working with her ever since. Her intuitive insights and finely tuned skills combine to make her one of the most amazing healers and teachers I have ever met. She radiates compassion and love in every aspect of her work and life and truly embodies the highest spiritual virtues. As a teacher, Rochelle is lively and knowledgeable and she provides a loving and safe environment for her students to learn. Rochelle knows how to help people feel at ease and see the positive possibilities in life. I always feel renewed, enlightened and relaxed after a session with her.
I was very very lucky to find Rochelle. Through a chain of theta healers the universe brought me to her, and I found the events that followed to be super magical, synchronistic and life changing. Rochelle is an incredibly gifted healer and an amazing person. Working with her was a wonderful honor. I felt as though I were in the presence of a living goddess. Rochelle has the ability to tap into source and to provide healing in the most miraculous of ways, exuding warmth, support, and unconditional love all the while. Her mind, healing, and teaching abilities are extraordinary.

The weekend I spent learning Basic DNA was transformational and revolutionary in the most positive sense of the terms. Rochelle enabled me see my greatest potential and to step into my true power, further activating my own intuitive and healing abilities, and much much more. Her service to me (and I’m sure countless others) is in turn a great service to humanity and the world at large. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and the experience. To say it was invaluable isn’t enough, words can’t do justice to this kind of healing work. Most highly highly recommended.

Katie Barretta
Rochelle is beyond special. Her energy is full of love, compassion, and a safe haven when working together. Feeling safe is a gift, and she provides that just by who she is. Her gentle nature breathes trust, knowledge and support every time we meet. I always look forward to being around Rochelle, not only for the wonderful loving person she is, but for her light she bring to this world and all who come in contact with her!

Having experienced years of counseling, and only a short time with Rochelle, has left me amazed as to how quickly we have found so much of what challenged me, that sent me to counseling to begin with. Her intuition in combination with Theta Healing is priceless.

I’ve witnessed Rochelle’s loving guidance in revealing to the core, what many have held onto without even realizing. I can’t imagine seeing anyone else in any form of this work. As I am equally guided to work with this modality of Theta Healing, I hold with love and trust that I become to others what she is to me, and so many. A gift of light and healing.

I have found my ability to be more open, and trusting of my intuition. To not be afraid of what I know to be true. That I have resources available to me to call upon for anything at any time. I am always left wanting more when leaving her classes.