ThetaHealing® – Soul Mate Days

Soul Mate I (Introduction to ThetaHealing®)
Prerequisites: None

Soul Mate II (for ThetaHealing® Practitioners)
ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Workshop
ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Workshop

This class is designed to assist you in attracting your Soul Mate, using the journey to self-love.

Strengthen your inner confidence and love for yourself, increase your self-esteem, identify the values and traits you desire in a soul mate, clear away non-serving beliefs, uncover fears around love, and become receptive to a great Love. As you return to your divine self, this work brings forth a soul mate who is most compatible and who is attracted to your values and qualities.

We all think we know what would make us happy, but without being comfortable in our own skin or having true love for self, we will not find what we are truly looking for in another or fill that void of loneliness or love in our lives.

When we are happy and healthy, we attract the same energy back to us. This is when we ultimately find our soul mates and divine connection to what we are looking for in this life.


ThetaHealing® Soul Mate I Workshop – $170
(Introduction to ThetaHealing®)
ThetaHealing® Soul Mate II Workshop – $350
Early Bird Registration $323
(please check the schedule for Early Bird dates)

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