ThetaHealing® Classes

CEUs are offered for most ThetaHealing® classes. We are required to petition for authorization each time the class is taught, therefore CEU authorization is labeled as “pending” until right before the class.

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Basic DNA

Advanced DNA


Intuitive Anatomy

Disease & Disorders

Game of Life


Soul Mate Days

Rainbow Children

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Disease and Disorders:

ThetaHealing® Practice Groups

Designed for Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioners and Instructors who would like to refine their skills or deepen their knowledge and understanding of ThetaHealing®, Practice Groups are led by ThetaHealing® Master Healer Rochelle Stanley and meet every 4th Wednesday of the month.

Practitioners will have the opportunity to share and advance their Theta skills with other certified practitioners by participating in an exchange of sessions. What to expect…

  • Pair with partners to exchange work
  • Give and Receive healing
  • Practice remote (long distance) sessions
  • Short reviews of Theta Healing exercises
  • Guided topic discussions
  • Tips and guidance
  • Q and A
  • Build your confidence, connection and gifts
ThetaHealing Practice Group – $22/month
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