Healing with the Angels

Learn, remember & feel that you are not alone. So many of us feel like were alone and that we don’t have the tools to succeed in this life. Some have forgotten about the angels sent to be our loving, helping companions that nurture & guide us along the way. As you rediscover that you are not alone, you will amplify your knowing and ability to create success with your loving angels by your side.

Come meet your angels & learn to induce the assistance of your divinely appointed team. Discover the messages they have for you, their names & how they can assist you on your path of healing, love, success, abundance, relationships and beyond. Unlock the mysteries that have you feeling stuck or fearful of your soul’s path. Discover the daily signs and how your angels have always been doing their best to get your attention.

Healing with your angels, you will journey through a series of guided meditations to strengthen the connection to your divine team. As you enter a space of unconditional love, the energy of Source/Creator/God, a deep connection takes place in a safe, supportive & loving haven.

On the path of rediscovery, your space is cleared, chakras are opened, cleansed and balanced, and blocks & beliefs are identified, removed & replaced with a positive feeling, teaching or new belief.

Rochelle offers her gifts as a Certified Angel Intuitive through Doreen Virtue, Theta Healing Instructor/ Practitioner & Reiki Master, to strengthen the connection between you & your angels, guides & totems as well as other divine beings, who are ready to assist on you soul’s path.

Angel Reading

Do you have questions about your path, your soul’s journey, your mission and purpose? Do you have questions about family, relationships, and love? Are you living in alignment with Creator’s highest truth for you?

In the Angel Reading, Rochelle connects with your angels to help you answer your life questions.
The angels are your loving and supportive team, and their messages are always positive and uplifting, leaving you feeling elevated.

Rochelle will assist you to communicate with your angels on your own, and will help you to develop a deep-rooted divine connection, which allows you to tap into creative resources and to amplify your well-being.


Angel Reading (Half Hour) – $88
Angel Reading (One Hour) – $152

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Healing with the Angels – Class Series

You are powerful beyond measure!
With this power, we are co-creating our lives at a rapid pace. Imagine bringing in the provocative forces of your angelic team, the team of angels assigned to you prior to your birth. What could you manifest as you combine your divine power with your angelic forces?

Learn to ignite and amplify your connection to your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Totems & Source. As you tap into this source of unconditional love, you find love, joy, appreciation for your life, answers to your life purpose, happiness and beyond.

Angel Series – Part 1

Angel Series – Part 2

Angel Series – Part 3

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