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Dream So Big That You Forget You Are An Adult

I've been diving into the use of our imagination, the greatest instrument ever given to us.

Remember being on the black top in elementary school, dreaming up the most expansive, creative and everything is possible adventures ever!

From being able to fly to having super powers to building castles and forts. To picking flowers and imagining that they smelled like baked goods or playing with the fairies and riding on unicorns. Or being a pilot, fireman, pirate, or police officer. I truly believed that one day I would build a ladder tall enough to reach the clouds just so I could lay on something so enormously fluffy and comforting. We were naturals at dreaming and imagining without limitations. We never factor in the impossible because children are genesis!

I remember watching the movie, Carrie (ay-yai-yai, the things I could stomach back then) but my point is, what I took from that movie as a child is that I could move objects with my mind. I would focus and try to move a pencil across the room. I KNEW that I could do this. I tried for days. weeks and months because I had the deep knowing that it was possible. Try as I might, I couldn't move the dang pencil. I marched on with new dreams birthed from my imagination while keeping the knowing that it was possible in the back of my mind, simply waiting for the missing piece of understanding.

You are never going to believe this.

Years later I found myself amongst others pursuing the passion of their spiritual awakening through intuitive development courses. One of the exercises was to move an object with our minds. The object...a pencil. Guess what, I was DOING it ! My pencil was rocking, rolling and dancing everywhere (frankly, it was kind of showing off). For those sharing in the experience, all doubt faded and they became more determined to move their pencil.

Looking back, I know that as a child I didn't have the tools that would have helped me handle being able to move a pencil with my mind. I wouldn't have had the language to help others understand the power of our imagination, our greatest gift from God. I am sure I would have shown off, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! This could have freaked people out and I may have even frightened people a little more than I already did (because I was highly psychic as a kid, let's just say I didn't come with the easy button for others to relate to me). Action inspires inspiration

The imagination is where everything takes place, it's the beginning point of everything we create. It's also a massive producer of psychic energy and I believe energy moves mountains (and boy, do we have some mountains to move in the world today). What we create in our imagination is joined with the collective and adds psychic energy to support a narrative, positive or negative. Take action and start being playful in your imagination again. Sprinkle some light, laughter, joy and faith into the collective. Get inspired and inspire through actions of playfully creating. Bring back the limitless, purity and innocence of your imagination.

Let's Liberate our imagination from the density of traumas, wounds, fears and lack of faith. This way we can bring back the goodness of our imagination (true goodness is the "trinity of goodness", "goodness, truth and beauty". "Beauty without vanity and truth without finatisium".

Keep dreaming about your future. You are a DIVINE BEING with the potential of creating your ultimate reality so fantasize, get lost in your daydreams and believe in magic again. I believe that the best part of our imagination is how it connects us to God, Universe, Source, The Divine (insert your beliefs here). As I use my imagination and connect to the Divine my fears fade, I can see the highest truth and purist beauty in my own life, in the healing I help bring to others and in our world.

Connect to your light, inspire true goodness and most of all...dream big!


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