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What I Am


I'm a born mystic, spiritual teacher, intuitive, energy healer and divine communicator.

3-Month Mentorship

Radical Transformation

I'm Rochelle Kindell Stanley, a Master and Certificate of Science Instructor.

I have had a blast for more than a decade leading over 60 intuitive and psychic mastery seminars, training and certifying hundreds of souls just like you. I've certified the beginner on their healing and psychic journey, the professional energetic healer and psychic, nurses, doctors and the curious minds that just want to dip their toes into the metaphysical world.

My psychic abilities have been active from as early as I can remember, and have always been second nature to me. A few decades ago, I was lovingly guided to step into my role as a teacher and energy healer. Up until that point, all my intuitive and psychic wisdom was channeled from the Divine. Honestly, back then, I didn't have a language for how I would help others with my gifts so I began to explore the metaphysical world and I was hooked! This world was and is fascinating, it helped unlock other aspects of my intuition, broadened my healing community and brought greater depth to what I would teach.

Along the way, I found myself consuming one energy modality after another and the doors opened for me to study with leaders in the field of psychic development, energy healing and angelic modalities. These set the stage for becoming a Master and Certificate of Science instructor, a Reiki Master and certified in a well-rounded mix of modalities. Truthfully, I could still spend half of my time enthralled in learning and studying the healing arts but for now, my role is to teach and bring all that I know forward to help others.

I am also a Mother of two very inspiring souls, a student of the Divine, a sister, and a friend who is devoted to my path as a spiritual teacher and a practitioner of life. The outcome I've created so far has been deeply satisfying, from bringing like minded people together to building spiritual communities, to aid in the development of the new spiritual leaders and developing enriching spiritual and intuitive courses, I know I'm creating an impact and doing what my soul came here to do. I look forward to connecting.

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