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I am devoted to helping you achieve deep healing and personal growth. With personalized sessions and a focus on honoring your unique journey, I can help you overcome challenges, enhance your spiritual gifts and find greater joy and fulfillment in life. 

Wisdom Session

Intuitive guidance to help you on your healing journey

This integrative healing experience begins with an intuitive reading to gently identify and shift belief structures that are no longer serving you. Together, we'll work to heal old patterns that are blocking your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical vitality. With the guidance and support of Source, beautiful transformations will be set into motion. Book your session today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling life or relationship.


with session packs

Pack prices are list for each of my sessions. You can choose to buy a pack plan when booking a session.

All plans expire one year from purchase date.

Wisdom Session

30 minutes     $105

3 Pack


5 Pack


45 minutes     $160

3 Pack


5 Pack


1 hour           $205

3 Pack


5 Pack


Partner Wisdom Session

Develop new tools and release old blocks to empower your relationships

Learn how to work together with better harmony, speak each other's love language and bring communication to new heights. Whether you are business collaborators, romantic partners, relatives or simply friends, outdated belief systems can get in the way of a deeper connection. Remove stale and outdated ways of relating, learn to separate old baggage from current relationships and work towards seeing the highest truth and perspective in all situations. 

*Sessions are designed for 2 people.

Partner Wisdom Session

1 hour            $250

3 Pack


5 Pack


Spiritual Mentoring

Enhance your intuition and deepen your connection

Uncover your deepest desires, set intentions, and start taking steps to achieve your dreams. As a spiritual guide, I'll help you identify and remove limiting beliefs that hold you back and give you the tools you need to get connected to who you truly are. Whether you are already using your intuition to enrich your life or want to understand how to use your natural born talents and gifts, together we can get you to a place of more clarity and overall connection to self and Source. Let me guide you towards achieving the life of your dreams.

Spiritual Mentoring

1 hour               $300

With follow-up email support.

3 Pack


5 Pack



3-month Mentorship

Radical Transformation

Dive deep and command your spiritual power 

Achieve the radical transformation you desire with my immersive 3-month spiritual journey, designed to allow space for you to absorb and integrate your teachings and healing. We'll meet weekly and begin by diving deep into the beliefs that are blocking you from your fullest potential and highest level of intuition. I'll teach you my spiritual processes and how to best apply them to achieve your goals. There will be weekly journaling prompts and personalized support to help nurture and motivate you along your growth quest. Within a safe and supportive environment, you'll be able to enhance your intuitive gifts and bring ease to your healing process.

Radical Transformation

3-Month Mentorship               $3999

This is a "together" mentioning method and totally worth it! 1 weekly experience, tailored to  shifting old patterns , increasing your intuition while deepening your connection to the Divine. We will journey together for three months (12 sessions total) with recorded sessions for personal reflection and increased healing. weekly assignments plus support designed to help nurture your growth. Your radical transformation is waiting for you!


payment option for transformation that's within your budget

You can choose the payment plan option when booking your first session above.

Payment Plan | Radical Transformation



Every month

Total of 3 payments > 1 Weekly mentoring experience over 3 months

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