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Jul 31, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024

Unlock Your Medical Intuitive | 4 Body Systems

Much like the Full Body course but a mini version, focusing on four body systems: the heart, renal system (kidneys, bladder), digestive system and eyes. This course begins to train your intuition to listen for the language of specific beliefs and common threads between emotions and dis-ease while fine-tuning your natural intuitive abilities to read the body and four of its systems. It's like ding, ding, ding, because you, as the reader, will know exactly where to focus your time and your energy in the reading. With three simple yet proven scanning techniques, you will strengthen and reinforce your ability to read the body. This mini course encourages you to become an expert at identifying what locks dis-ease and dysfunction in the digestive system, renal system and eyes and the tools to shift out of it.

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4 Body Systems

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