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Love, compassion & kindness

I assist others on their spiritual journeys. Often times this requires healing, teaching. leading and mentoring. 

Life is our greatest educator. Like a diamond initially in the rough I became polished through my journey. The lessons that I overcame, that proved most difficult, became my master teachers and I am forever grateful. I understand the soul is eager to learn and will not waste a single opportunity for growth. Abuse, suffering, sacrifice, neglect whatever the case may be, the soul uses the experience to enhance, strengthen and discover vast virtues which will ultimately transforms suffering. Through my own journey, my work and my education beyond "Earth School" I've learned how to access the heart of these matters to reveal the soul lessons and virtues. The result... shifting individuals paradigm from lower conscious thinking of suffering and victimhood to higher consciousness where they can blossom into the limitless being they are destined to be. 

  • Master Theta Healer®

  • Certificate of Science Theta Healing®

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Angel Reader

  • Life school

  • A combined 20 years of experience as a group and seminar  leader and Teacher of Spiritual & Intuitive Development

  • The study of and respect for the metaphysical 

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