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Reclaiming Soul Fragments

Discover why fragments get left behind, unfold who is the keeper of them and learn to skillfully reclaim your soul fragments.


Beautiful Soul


My name is Rochelle Kindell Stanley and I'm the creator of Unlock Your Medical Intuitive.

I'm a born mystic and spiritual teacher, intuitive, energy healer, and divine communicator. My work is like water to me, I thirst for it, play within it and find tons of joy helping others activate the missing piece within their own intuitiveness.

Let's Unlock Your Medical Intutive

Welcome to this self-paced online course, which is designed to assist energy healers, intuitives, and those who are experienced in dabbling with healing. The course aims to provide you with accurate intutive and meaningful information about the human body and equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to make a real difference in the lives of your clients and yourself. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Perhaps you have tried other courses before, but let me explain what sets this course apart.

Believe it or not, accessing the intuitive wisdom of every person you work with should be an easy task. If you have not found it to be true, then there might be some missing elements in your skill set. Sometimes, all it takes is a little adjustment, and voila!

This online course is specifically designed to help you improve your ability to read the body. With the help of three simple and effective scanning techniques, which are used throughout each module and system of the body, you will become an expert in identifying the root causes of dis-ease and dysfunction in the body.

Why is this so important?

The body and soul work in perfect harmony to aid in spiritual growth, even in dysfunction and dis-ease. As a medical intuitive, it’s important to understand what someone is learning from their situation.

In the Unlocking Your Medical Intuitive program, each module includes a comprehensive video series that guides you through every system of the body. The program identifies common beliefs, emotions, and programs that cause disruptions and dysfunction in the body.

This course is designed to help you develop your intuition in order to identify specific beliefs and common threads between emotions and dis-ease. By doing so, you will be able to focus your time and energy more effectively, like hitting the center of a bullseye. This approach is efficient, precise, and won’t drain your energy.


Learn to identify the gifts in order to step out of the dysfunction.

The dysfunction is where so many latent gifts are just waiting on the sidelines to be activated. Once we become aware of this dysfunction, which can be the energy of dis-ease, we are then able to identify the root cause, which is the emotional piece held in the body system. This course will guide you through the shifting process. What do I mean by this? Your ability to identify the spiritual aspects from the soul's perspective — you know, the whole, "what am I learning?" — piece is the key element that allows the necessary action to take place, the shift.

In each module, you will have access to guided scans and videos that showcase the body system. Additionally, you can benefit from the living library of 1:1 sessions. Through these resources, you can quickly learn to identify the virtue that your soul is seeking. You can then use the shifting technique to help your light body and physical body accept the virtue and release any dysfunction.

You're human, you've got your stuff and your stuff can definitely blind your ability to read the body. Fear, resentments, judgements, anger and hatred will get in the way. This  course shows you how to approach beliefs, programs, physical and spiritual challenges from love and wonder. Master this, and the body will show you everything you need to know.

This is a unique program that offers a safe, nurturing, and powerful community for those seeking it.

Here's what makes Unlock Your Medical Intuitive stand out:

  • Three powerful and proven scanning techniques

  • In-depth videos of each body system linking the relationship between emotion and dis-ease

  • Learning to read from your light body

  • Your reads will take place from the highest place of light and consciousness, the unified field

  • No more taking on others pain in your own body

  • See the highest truth of how the body and soul are working together as you honor the relationship between emotion and dis-ease

  • Tools and techniques to enhance your reads

  • Shift what's not working out of the body

  • Safe and nurturing environment to learn, discover and grow as an energy healer, intuitive or dabbler

  • 1:1 Living Library where I show you how to apply your newly founded skills and techniques

  • A powerfully aligned experience that supports your vision as a Medical Intuitive

  • A monthly call with the Unlock Your Medical Intuitive community, a loving, nurturing and safe way to receive support and stay accountable


Learn the 3 essential keys to connection that advance your reads and prevent you from taking on others’ stuff.  

3 scanning techniques that increase your skill set as a medical intuitive.

We will begin by exploring the relationship between beliefs and their impact on physical, emotional, and spiritual health by examining the Heart and Respiratory Systems.


The digestive system is a major information center; it’s highly in tune and incredibly sensitive (that whole, I feel it in my gut, the good and the, well, let’s say, rough). Because of this, it's not surprising that this center holds lots of emotion and trauma. Discover the emotions and beliefs that impact the digestive system. Put the techniques you've learned into practice as you scan the digestive system and listen for the beliefs held there.


Resentment or forgiveness? This depends on what kind of health you're expecting from your kidneys and bladder. Let's take a deep dive to understand the emotions and beliefs of the kidneys and bladder. Then scan these systems to understand them better.


The Reproduction system is loaded with beliefs around love, relationships, nurturing, sex, sexuality, worthiness, not feeling important, and I could keep going... let’s take a deep dive and look at the common themes between the beliefs of the reproductive system and reproductive health.


And if you're looking to be heard and have clear communication, the Endocrine has some things to teach you.


Then we will explore these systems through one of the scanning techniques, to strengthen this intuitive muscle of yours and to understand these systems better.



Your role as a medical intuitive isn't just to read the body, it is also to keep information sacred. The ears play a big part in this and, on the intuitive level, ask us to keep things scared. Learn more about the connection between beliefs the ears carry and their health.


The brain is the center where beliefs around God show up. Even when people don't have a foundation of what God is to them, they can still carry God issues. The cool thing is that we don't have to force or make someone believe what we believe in order for the brain to benefit. Learn how these beliefs and others express themselves and impact overall health. Then, use the guided scan to connect with the brain and see more intuitively.


If your bones and muscles are working on getting your attention you're not allowing support. Let's take a deep dive into the skeletal and muscular systems to find the common threads between emotions and dysfunction.


And if you are looking to step into your power and authority, your lymph system has your back, let’s discover why.


Then take a deeper look through one of our scanning techniques to get to know these systems better.


Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. When the mind believes it, the rest of the body follows, especially the eyes. But fear dampens intuitive insights from its natural flow and can block your gift of sight. Let's journey through the eyes and take a deeper look at the connection of beliefs held in the eyes and the health of the eyes. Then use the scanning technique to get a bit closer and ask the right question to create shifts.


To live a life filled with trust, it’s invaluable to recognize the truth, and this is the nervous system’s specialty. When this system is in any sort of crisis, it's not surprising to find beliefs around a destabilizing childhood environment that's continued through adulthood. Learn more about the way these beliefs and others impact the nervous system as you move through the in-depth video followed by our guided scanning techniques.


The good news is...

If you feel like you struggle to receive clear and consistent intuitive information during your readings, or if you find that you take on others’ emotions and energy, and you haven’t found a simple yet powerful remedy to help others clear and shift from their dysfunction, whether it’s emotional or physical, then this is the right place for you.

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Reclaiming Soul Fragments



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It's time to unlock your potential.

What can I expect?

Like anything in life, you will get out of this masterclass what you put into it. I can't do this work for you, but I promise that if you show up and put the effort in, you will enrich your understanding of how to intuitively read the body, read dysfunction in the body, and the beliefs commonly held within each system.


Your results are totally up to you. I promise though, that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results.


Please note that you will need reliable internet service to take this course. I won't be able to refund user errors due to a lack of internet service.

Can I share course info with a friend?

The insights you learn will definitely be share-worthy, but the activities in each class are tailored for the individuals in this specific course. In order for your friends to get the best results, I recommend they sign up to take the course themselves. This ensures that they are practicing the tools and techniques in the safest and most supportive environment along the way.

Do I have to know anatomy to take this course?

No, actually, you do not. It is good to have a general understanding but as you move through the materials, you will intuitively tune more into the systems of the body.

Do I need to have any experience in order to take this course?

This course works really well for practicing energy healers, intuitives and experienced dabblers.


What other courses do you offer?

I offer a variety of spiritual development courses. Feel free to explore my offerings.


You can also sign up for 1:1 mentoring or wisdom sessions to continue your growth and development in the most supportive way.


Are you ready for unapologetic confidence?

I have been at this for a long time, from leading psychic and energy healing mastery seminars to seeing 1:1 clients from around the world and I have learned so, so much. I share my tools and methods that have brought greater ease to the work of healers and intuitives and simplistic yet highly impactful processes to shift dysfunction, beliefs and dis-ease.


If UYMI feels like a good fit for you, know that you are the biggest part of the equation. The time you put in, your level of commitment, and your dedication to learning and practicing the methods provided are what will unlock your medical intuition.

The big picture is enormous. I used to work in a breast cancer unit, every word you wrote and said is true. I used the methods taught in Unlock Your Medical Intuitive to scan my own breasts and learned the emotions they carry and by the end they were giggling with joy.


I've studied emotions and dis-ease in the body for years but the info shared in the heart and circulatory system blew me away. Such good stuff!

Cyndy S.

This greatly enriches and enhances my approach, both in terms of assessment and energetic aspects and gives a nice map through many root issues.

Cindie A.

I used what I learned in Unlock Your Medical Intuitive with a close friend and it was incredible! Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was powerful.


This class opens a new world for me. I never dialogued with my organs and I never really listened to them. Thank you.


I'm loving the videos and body scans!


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