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Join me for Your 3 month Radical Transformation

Temple Candles

Are you ready to command your spiritual power?!

Lets transform your life, together

Think about what it would be like if you could clearly see and identify what keeps you stuck or feeling limited. Or what it would be like If you could totally identify the patterns of your childhood that set up the future of how you would relate to your experiences and relationships. Or what it would be like to decipher one of your most powerful recourses to relive pain and dis-ease in your body? 

I'm here to show you how. For the past decade, I've dedicated my spiritual gifts to communities and individuals that are ready to create big shifts in their lives and long to deepen their intuition and connection to the Divine. It's time for me to share tools, impactful exercises and a life time of knowledge with you so that together we can awaken your Mastery. 


Temple Candles

Let's move you from the passengers seat (where your life is creating you)to the drivers seat (where you are creating your life... Like a boss!

Month 1

Becoming Extraordinary: Primary focus: Self-healing through belief work

Often times it is what's hidden in your brilliant subconscious mind that is keeping you right where you're at. I will show you the secret to unlocking your subconscious beliefs then the pathway to shift the beliefs that block you from your truest self.


  • A deep focus on identify and clearing belief systems that hold you back, ancestral, past life and this life experience.

  • We will create new & higher frequency programming through your neuro pathways that elevate your ability to communicate and connect with your self and others.

  • Together we will imprint positive emotions and actions on your cellular level (this is done purely through the Divine and your willingness and acceptance to say yes to change)

  • Consistently Explore intuitively reading your own body (your record keeper)

  • Build your psychic and spiritual foundation so that you are a thriving human and spiritual being

Month 2

  Living your extraordinary: Primary focus: fundamental tools for intuitive reads for yourself and others

 You are gifted, intuitive and totally magic. Whether you're tapped in and experienced with your inner work and your connection to the Divine already or you're just started out, your psychic and spiritual foundation must be set for success. Through our 1:1 sessions I will share my tools, intuitive insights and secrets that help you build a healthy and safe spiritual and psychic foundation. 


  • In our time together you will learn what it is and how to embody the light of the Divine to access the highest truth, leaving trauma and drama out of your intuitive reads.

  • Being to align with your super natural abilities 

  • ​I will share my sacred rituals that help my spirit thrive

  • There is a gateway to becoming intuitively extraordinary that many people miss. I want to take you through it so that your reads are pure, effective and acuate.

  •  Discover how to utilize the law of Compassion in it's truest form in order to have the strength and endurance for a life long journey of awakening and a joyful existence 

  • Creating physical and spiritual boundaries 

Month 3

Doing the Extrordianary

Primary Focus: Getting you ready to fly. We will put your intuitive skills into broader application

You've been healing & clearing so much, now its time to take flight.

By now your intuitive senses have grown & you have a beautiful foundation. You've gained  a clear understanding of your old belief constructs and carry new knowledge on a cellular level. You have the confidence in your abilities and you feel your co-creative relationship with the Divine.  

  • Practice your intuitive reads with other people, animals and the earth

  • Practice identifying belief constructs in others

  • Intentionally lead your life with the virtue system you've earned

  • Identify any final obstacles that block you from being your fullest self

It's time to walk in your spiritual power and authority and lock in the mastery of your personal virtues to create the extraordinary! So say YES if you are you ready to break free of old constructs and finally follow your destiny! And say YES if you are ready to access your intuitive intelligence and access the knowledge within your own body?

We will meet 1x each week over zoom for 3 months and you will be given weekly assignments designed to help clear your path of blocks, deepen self healing and increase your intuition as well as you connection to the divine. 

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