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Connect with Your Inner Healing Power

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I offer a variety of services for the medical intuitive, energy healer, psychic and everyday dabbler. Whether you're an advanced practitioner or simply desire to become your most vibrant self, my curated offerings are designed to develop and enhance your spiritual consciousness, deepen your connection to the Divine and provide the support you need along your journey.

A higher vibration awaits





Explore self-paced courses curated to develop and enhance your spiritual gifts.




Explore single session or packages intended to uncover your divine truth and vitality.

Allow the space for miracles to take place within the mind, body and spirit.



Beautiful Soul

My name is Rochelle Kindell Stanley

I'm a born mystic and spiritual teacher, intuitive, energy healer, and divine communicator. My work is like water to me, I thirst for it, play within it and find tons of joy helping others activate the missing piece within their own intuitiveness.

Rochelle is my 'go to' guidance teacher, she explains things in such a digestible and impactful way.


A Gift for You

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Allowing Yourself to Receive
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Take a moment to breathe deeply and connect with yourself through my free mediations. This practice is less than 10 minutes and I invite you to revisit it as often as you wish. 

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Popular Courses

Unlock Your
Medical Intuitive

Fine-tune your natural intuitive abilities to read the body and its various systems. Learn to identify what locks dis-ease in the body and the tools to shift it.



Body Scanning

Enhance your ability to intuitively receive information from the body. Learn to read the body with three scanning methods to intuit deeper information in your readings.



Reproductive Health

Discover the beliefs that impact reproductive health, why we, as women, carry these beliefs, and how your soul is guiding you into health, vitality and empowerment.


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*By submitting your name and email you will be joining my mailing list community. I never share your information and only send healing, encouragement, and love.

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