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Be a Master of your beliefs

I see it everyday in my work, the conditioning of thoughts and beliefs shaping one's reality.

What would happen if you truly listed to the beliefs going on inside your head. Listened without judgement but instead with gratitude knowing that the way you currently believe is somehow serving you.

Take the belief of I'm not enough,for example. As we unfold the layers of this belief system we begin to understand the positive aspects that have come from the drive behind this belief.

More often than not our beliefs are formed in early childhood

Imagine that you lift the energy of the belief "I'm not enough"out of your field and tell it thank you and I love you💗 What you will find when you look upon it with eyes of love is that this belief has motivated you to be better to do better. It has added humility in your life. It has taught you to respect others and to be considerate. It has taught you to see others perspective. It has taught you kindness and so much more. You have been mastering these lessons for some time now, so it is safe to release the belief "I am not enough" and let it transform into the energy and knowing of I am enough while keeping your positive lessons and virtues. Practice taking an honest look and listen to your inner critic, love it up, find the positive in the negative then release what no longer serves your spirit. This will advance your spiritual growth and intuitive abilities while bridging your subconscious and consciouss mind.



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