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Hello beautiful soul,

And, happy eclipse

This eclipse is filled with potency and potential!

I am really feeling it - finding my way back to self. I'd been wondering where she went!

That's the beauty of Chiron and yes, it is visiting again. I am definitely not an expert but I will share with you what I know because it is part of our process on April 8th.

Our Chiron wounds (the wounded healer) gives us a second chance to heal what hasn't been healed from childhood. We go through our Chiron return around age 50 (kind of perfect, smack in the middle of life, to revisit things left unhealed from childhood).

Chiron brings us the gifts of seeing who we have become and what we have made out of our experiences. To celebrate our growth, to let go of anger, hurts and resentments and to forgive.

I went through my return recently and got to visit wounds unhealed from my childhood. In the quietness of my return I wound discover my souls' purpose with these wounds. The wounds were there to help me become, to evolve, to gain wisdom, and to move through life with the wisdom of new found virtues or to hone in the ones I was born with. I didn't leave my return with a clean slate (that's normal) and I missed certain qualities about myself and longed to integrate the sweetest parts of myself.

Then It Happened

I felt it on my walk at Lovers Point a few weeks back, I spontaneously integrated. The qualities of myself that I'd missed so much, they returned, without thought or intention.


 In its honeymoon period with the eclipse on the horizon, Chiron snuck up on me and blessed me with deeper layers of healing for my inner child. This additional encounter really served my soul and actually, my humanness.


So, if you haven't gone through your Chiron return just yet, you're really lucky to have this early opportunity to heal your childhood wounds. And...If you have already gone through your return, I think that you are even luckier because what hasn't been able to heal has another chance, yay!


If you find your wounds deeply triggered, that's the Universe knocking at your door, asking you to take a look at what's not yet healed and meet that part of yourself with love. Let the unhealed parts of you guide you to the places that you are meant to go. It's a mini death and a great rebirth. It's time to let yourself become without the trauma of your past.


You are pure potential!


Journal promptings


  1. What's the one wound you just can't let go of?

  2. What would happen if you did let this wound go?

  3. What's the best thing about this wound?

  4.  Who would you become, how would you feel, without this wound?



I find more and more, that our story helps others heal. The wisdom you've gained from any of life's traumas will be one of the ingredients that helps someone on their journey. So, in your times of pain, remember, its all worth it - your wisdom, your soul growth and your ability to help others with you wisdom- that's the good stuff!-



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