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You want it, You crave it, You need it

People are talking about the ways of transformation. There's definitely no ONE path to get us there but if you're feeling anything like me, your heart is craving the next energetic and spiritual transformation.

As I was walking in the field this morning, connecting to earth, my heart and the divine, deeply appreciating the deer foraging in the background and the hawk above me in the tree, I was contemplating the whole "what's next?".


Whether we know it or not, we are always moving into the what's next


Even through your resistance, you are transforming. One foot in front of the other, you/me/we are transforming. Saying yes or saying no to the uncomfortable stretch, you, my friend, are transforming. Fearlessly, no, but Bravely, YES!


The light that you give

Your transformation brings so much more light to your own journey but even more importantly, you carry more light into the world. This light has sparks and can spark the light within others and this is the bigger craving for your transformation.


Be TOO much

Your sweet little being was born so, so bright. Being told or simply feeling like your essence (was) is TOO much, too bright, too bold, too truthful, too big, too loud, too joyful whatever your TOO is, often causes you to dim your light?

I say...reclaim your TOO muchness because it's time to return to your true essence, your diviness, your light.

Do the things that ignite your light that invite transformation and that will create an echo into all the spheres of existence. As you return to your true and Divine essence there can only be your origin of light, and in this light, you/we/me join together to transform the direction of consciousness into its greatest potential.


Choose what calls your next level of transformation

Meditation, breath work, nature, ceremony, body work, seminars, retreats, vacations, stillness all invite you to shift and transform. Choose the medicine that stretches you at times until that medicine becomes ritual bliss.

In love light, Rochelle



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