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Control Or Surrender 

I was walking down my hallway and received this message "Everything always works out for me". I have heard this message before and even though I've known this to be true in the past  I chose worry over faith, I chose force over allowing and I chose control over surrender. But this time there was something different within me, I could actually fully embrace this truth, that everything does really work out and a peace washed over me.

Are you manifesting from lack or from the idea that everything is always working out for you?

For about a decade I led manifesting events, they have always been an exciting and profound experience. These events would often take me and the participants out of my/their comfort zone and seemingly, mountains would move for each person.  But, something has really been different for me this year around manifesting, so much so, that I didn't host an event.  As I allowed the dust to settle around why I wasn't feeling called to host this annual event, I realized that much of this year I wasn't manifesting from lack, phew, what a shift! 


Let Your Gifts Illuminate The Truth


In my past, fear, lack and anxiety was the modus operandi of my ego and the foundation of my manifesting. I found that while my ego often attempted to override my intuition and my reptilian brain strived to override my faith, I always had the steadiness of my claircognizance (psychic sense of knowing) to illuminate truth.   


Your Finest Expedition


The traumas of our past literally rock us to our core. We base decisions, including manifesting our future, on the traumas of our past but because of this life becomes one of our finest expeditions. This expedition gives purpose and meaning to our past. We have acquired knowledge through our experiences. This knowledge becomes implemented by way of virtues and these virtues become very tangible within our soul. Then we get to amply practice and apply them in this life and beyond.  

Im inviting these next chapters of my epic expeditions in the momentum of what's possible and allow the traumas, fears and lacks to transform through prisms of Creator's light. I know that you are ready for this, for yourself too! Let's invite our dreams in with our best intentions!




Jan 19

Fabulous blog post... I want to read it everyday to start my days. Very timely. Thank you for bringing your gifts to all of us. ❤️

Replying to

Thank you ❤️


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