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Did Somebody mention Nurturing

Hi Beautiful souls.

It seems like we get so busy in our daily experiences that we leave out the part about nurturing ourselves.

I know many of you are exquisite supporters and nurturers of the people in your life, and that this is also the way you serve through your life purpose... and, man, are the people you devote yourself to so lucky. They bask, they heal and they thrive in the nourishment you so abundantly supply. The shadow side of your gift of giving to others, is that you get left out of the receiving. You most likely attract people that want to receive what you offer, they deeply need it. Because they deeply need it, there is a lack within them, like a depletion. This makes it pretty difficult for them to give and replenish you. Which is totally ok, because we don't want to live in a world that is tit for tat or one of keeping score. But we definitely want to be sure we are not attracting users of our spirit.


, then, how do you know if you have balance?

Nurturing comes in many forms and what's fulfilling for you may not be fulfilling for someone else. Take time to fully understand what nurtures your spirit, your soul and your body. For me and for most of my life, it's been nature, absorbing her goodness, her messages and being awestruck with her beauty and also, who doesn't love a great meal. But lately my body and my Chiron return have been insistent on other forms of nurturing, no matter how much I resist or back burner my needs (you know this phase, right? Just put that on the back burner, for later :)

Later, it's now.

My sister often says that it seems like I don't need any support because I lead my life with so much strength. My oldest daughter gave me the title of the bear totem, because she sees me as strong, powerful and intimidating, yet playful, silly and laidback when you get to know me.

So, there is this strong exterior that my outer world sees and what's reflected back to me is that hey, you're strong, you don't seem to need anything. Which has really polished my self reliance and independence. These have worked really well for me until my Chiron, chalked full of my childhood wounds, waved its magic wand to show me that there is more to learn and to receive.


o, my body has become my biggest teacher again

Although I do my best to pay attention, I do have a tendency to put myself on the back burner. As things have been physically manifesting with my body, the message has been consistent and clear, This is the voice of my inner child who will no longer be in the shadow of my adult self. She has captivated me through a compassionate outburst of disharmony in my body. So, I sit back and take the time to check in with my body, I hear my inner child say "I need attention!" "I need nurturing!" . And this is what I want to point out, this is the beauty of belief work, It unlocks the emotion behind the disharmony, it unlocks what your spirit is needing for your growth and this is why I have felt the necessity to create Unlocking Your Medical Intuitive. If you can dive in and truly understand how your body and your spirit are aligned to help you reach your highest potential, your suffering ends.

Our spiritual growth and frankly growing as a human being isn't always about bravery, courage, taking leaps or risks, or lending a kind hand or, taking the higher road, sometimes it's all about replenishment, That's what your soul needs to learn, how to take it all in, how to receive nourishment, nurturing and replenishment; freely, no apologies, no believing you're too much, or that you're taking from someone that needs it more. If you don't take this step, you become like winter, dry and brittle, unable to thrive.

Here's how my belief was formed

This Easter I went to urgent care. Gosh, I haven't had to visit one since my kiddos were little. but, my point is, I had this moment where it all came together. I was five, it was Easter,47 years earlier, and I had a serious flu. I was laying on the couch while my siblings and cousins were gleefully hunting easter eggs. My Grandpa came over to me and compassionately leaned down amongst all the chaos and said, you must really be sick if you cant even get up and join in. Ding, ding, ding, I was noticed, someone paid attention and this was the final piece to cement the belief that being seen and receiving attention came through illness. And the belief was casted and at play behind the scenes for years to come, These beliefs also cemented, I have to reach a breaking point, to be seen. to have attention or to receive nurturing and I had to have some sort of ailment that would stop someone in their tracks to notice me. Guess who that someone is these days, ta da, it's me. I'm in charge of how I allow nurturing and the time to do what replenishes. My body wants others to touch, others eyes to aid in my replenishment, though massage, acupuncture and other restorative modalities. I've spent so much time in the self reliance/independence phase, that these are all dialed in. Now it's time to enjoy the pleasure from receiving the gifts that others have to share.

Okay. all you nurtures and supporters out there, are you having an awe ha moment. Receive! Let it in! You're worth it and no one will suffer because you are taking care of yourself.

Take some time to sit back and be like, wow, look at these things I have accomplished. Take a moment to breathe it all in and truly see the evidence of the accomplishments on your spiritual quest.

This is actually invaluable, to kind of, in a way, take some healthy inventory. Look at you, look at who you have become. Not everyone knows your story, but if they did, they would be amazed and frankly inspired.


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