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Do you ever feel like, "Come on Universe, I just leapt, and you are encouraging me to leap again; ca

Hello beautiful souls

I am finding it so uncomfortable to stretch beyond my comfort zone these days. I guess the comfort zone is named the "comfort zone" for that reason, it's delightful and comfortable.

How absolutely discombobulating duality can be.

Okay, so the truth is that I am justifying because I am scared. Yup, scared.

Duality is doing its best over here, with me...I want to be seen, yet I fear being seen. I want to feel embraced, but fear if I put myself out there that I will be rejected. I crave sharing my wisdom, gifts and tools, but I want what I have already built to support a new foundation. That's just not how it works, there are always new levels of awakening and new paths to unlocking our ascension until we arrive at the final destination we meticulously mapped out for our soul's purpose.

So, when I find myself in times like these, where my feet feel so planted and for whatever reason I am unable to ignite the depths of my creative fire, I call in others knowledge and wisdom.

The other day, I dipped my toes in Mayan astrology, and had a beautifully aligned read (thank you Gianna). And whether I am working with incredibly gifted western astrologists like Denise Elizabeth Byron or Beth Lauderdale, dabbling in Human Design or experiencing Mayan astrology, the overall themes are immaculately consistent...

I am meant to put myself out there, take risks, walk the path of the unordinary. I am a messenger, meant to bring messages from the Divine to share with the beautiful souls of our planet. I'm here to help others connect to and deepen their spirituality and unlock their gifts. I am here to teach, to bring healing light, to bring light to things that are ready to shift. I am here (like many of you) to help Mother Earth. And I am a bridge from this world to other worlds, lastly I create sacred spaces.

Some of you may think: Ok Rochelle, go for it! How exciting and exhilarating.

It can be for sure, but with each of us, we face obstacles. I am such an introvert, which can make me, being me in the world, feel like an uncomfortable stretch. Yet, I keep doing it because our soul propels us, even in our resistance.

I'd also like to imagine that I do this solely for the greater good, but the truth is that putting myself out there is also about me.

Because if I am living in alignment with my purpose, I will fulfill my quest and I believe that part is for myself first, to enjoy the experience of living and of growth, then to enjoy assisting humanity and earth second.

The inner or outer conflicts we face because we are tangled in duality create extraordinary conditions for our growth. And as we weave ourselves through the entanglement of duality we enlighten our soul and that just feels good, it feels right, which then helps us continue to walk our path.

In my work, I often hear people share that they fear their purpose. As we dive a little deeper into this topic a series of beliefs are revealed; My purpose is too big for me and I won't be able to complete it or I will fail. If I fail, I will have to come back and do it all over again.

I will let you in on a little secret, you don't get the stamp of approval or even come to this existence if what you planned ahead, pertaining to your soul's purpose, would elude you or you would completely fail at it. Because, here's the thing, before you came into this existence, you were given the opportunity to set up some really fantastic support for your success. You worked with your counsel of twelve, you worked with your soul family, you chose your guides and your angels all to assist and support you in ensuring a successful outcome to your soul's purpose.

So, breathe in a nice sweet sigh of relief. You're not going to fail at your soul's purpose. All you need to do is say yes when it's time to stretch because this is what brings illumination to your journey. This is what makes you interesting, and this makes up the difference between living and thriving versus simply existing.

In doing this, you gain so, so much.

The growth and wisdom you gain through the stretch adds to your virtue system aiding you in this life to deepen your spiritual capacity and unlock your gifts while enhancing your DNA for your future ancestors. So, beautiful soul, keep saying yes.


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