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Don't Let Your Ego Bully You

Everyone is intuitive. We are born with intuition or the sixth sense.

Intuition is a soft whisper. It speaks immediately and is always in alignment with your life purpose. The ego can creep in bringing fear causing blurriness in decision making.

Make your ego your emigo

Everyone has ego, why not let it work for and with you instead of against you. Work on aligning your ego with your higher self, this way the ego won't run the show from behind the scenes sabotaging your highest potential.

Getting to Know Your Intuition

From a place of centeredness ask a question internally, listen to the first response.

Your intuition is a confident reassuring whisper. It is steady and will deliver the same message gently over and over again, calling you into action. It wants you to succeed, to thrive, to engage in your own life, wellbeing and destiny. Your intuition is your divine compass. Listen, its speaks the truth, it speaks your truth. The ego shouts, creates mistrust and doubts in crevasses you haven't yet strengthened. When you are in practice of deep inner listening your intuition leads and the ego falters. Once you master discernment between intuition and ego, you rise above the falsehoods your ego has been shouting...I'm not enough, no one cares, I'm a failure, I'm poor, sick, I don't matter. The old story you told yourself dissolves and a new foundation is built. One of self assurance, confidence and empowerment. Making decision that come from trusting your intuition leads to the greatest personal outcomes.

Children Are Naturally Intuitive

If you are one of the lucky ones your gifts were nurtured when you were young. Unfortunately this is often not the case. Many children see what adults can not. They see departed loved ones. They can see angels. They may even see souls that are past on that aren't members of the family. This can be frighting especially if the adults in the child's life tells the child "it is in your imagination" there is nothing there" "stop lying" etcetera. I have worked with many adults that are gifted and fear their gifts due to the lack of support from their parents when they were children. Their gifts get shut deep inside of themselves buried in fear and beliefs that they are crazy any time they see what others can not.

It's Perfectly Normal

Intuition is perfectly normal and in fact completely essential for living a successful life. When we tune in and connect we receive true guidance that comes through confidently and with love. There is zero fear, only focused direction. Listen to the soft whispers of your intuition, let it be your guiding compass and truth meter. Practice getting your answers. let it be playful and fun. Pay attention to the signs and always be grateful.



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