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I want to be like everyone else

Finding love and acceptance Aloha beautiful souls. I enjoy discovering my blind spots. This is the healing process and brings forth revelations of the spirit and soul. To bring light to the dark, the shadows that live inside all of us is vital so that the light can release what no longer serves.  It's time to love up those deep crevasse that seem to be clinging on to old ways of being self limiting often developed in our innocent years of early childhood.

The soul craves acceptance and living in a state of belonging.  THE FORMATION OF A BELIEF.

I came in to this life very different from others (an awakened psychic, divine communicator and healer) and was unfazed by this in my daydreamy mind. The sensitivity of a young intuitive is extreme so being out in the world felt a bit more intense and I found it difficult to feel acceptance in my uniqueness. Over time my subconscious began to adopt the belief of rejection. The solution created out of self preservation and protection of a youngster was to dim my light and authenticity in order to feel love and acceptance. THE HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION Embrace your uniqueness and soar baby. Jump forward to the woman I am now, the woman that knows whole heartedly that we create our own reality, our own destiny. The woman that knows that if we don't have what we want in our life it's because there is a subconscious block/belief in the way of receiving. I dive deep into my subconscious beliefs and begin to dig, follow all the clues and bring light to the deepest crevasses; those parts of myself that have been locked away, to never be glanced at again. That have been painted with the color of shame, self blame and the idea that there must be something wrong with me. In the dark I bring the love to any and all negative emotions, that's what they are crying for, the love and acceptance. As I reach the darkest and most untouched crevasses something new is revealed, the next level of Ah ha and my brain says...I didn't know that was in there...The golden ticket of beliefs...I must suffer because I want to be like everyone else. I must be like everyone else so I can feel love and acceptance. I dive deeper to see what's hiding in the shodows of the crevasess and discover indeed I am unique, original and different. All these years I've been trying to hide the best parts of me, block my receiving of love, success and abundance so that I could be like everyone else. Untimely, denying my own truth that I am unique, creating rejection of my true self. The truth is that acceptance starts with the self and once that's in place you are ready to reach your full potential. The need for acceptance outside of self fades away, you spread your wings and fly.  You're an original. Keep shining. Sending infinite love



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