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If you're craving change set some powerful intentions

Hello beautiful souls and happy New Year.

Whether you set intentions or New Year resolutions, the underlying energy is that you are craving feeling better through change.

It's funny, because we can fear and crave change at the same time. Change happens everyday, and through change, there is always a wonderful opportunity for growth. Growth aligns us with our spiritual quest which is to overcome--the past--concur--the lessons learned--and live in complete freedom and harmony of our soul's fullest potential.

Imagine who you would be and what you would feel like if you let go of roadblocks, the past, that cause any form of suffering. By allowing yourself to release roadblocks you soar high above (because you have conquered, and you have learned) the dramas of life; living in your true essence with a much clearer perspective as you interact and flow with life. This allows you to become enlightened about your true essence, you begin to embrace your intrinsic value which comes from the framework of virtues acquired.

If you find yourself getting caught up in obstacles caused by conditioning, and get hung up in the whole "what's wrong with me" or something needs to be "fixed" you can completely miss out on what makes you totally awesome, what gives you purpose, and what gifts you have to offer to the people you love and to the world.

I invite you to watch the thoughts, you know, the thoughts that constantly rummage through your (monkey mind as we call it in yoga)) mind, dictating this and that about who you are or who the world is that are fear, drama and any form of suffering based. Make friends with your thoughts, especially the ones that you have tried to ignore and suppress. These thoughts and the emotions triggered by these thoughts, they are there to teach you about your true essence and your spiritual value (your virtues). So be fearless and approach the thoughts of your past as the opportunity that they are...holding space for you to recognize the virtues you've been working on mastering.



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