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People Call Me Fearless

People have called me fearless, I WISH!

Whether I am being guided to make a move with my career, in a relationship or my living situation my ego can definitely kick in. How do I know it's my ego, it comes with a juicy dose of fear. When information is given to us from the Divine Source, it is the truth, fear is absent in the presence of truth. Messages are transmitted with beautiful tranquility, divinely clear and delivered on a cellular level with such peace. In the moment of receiving knowledge from God, I KNOW and accept the truth of the movement that is being asked of me. So, fearless, no (I am human) but courageous, trusting of God and true faith, yes. These virtues just happen to make more sense to my soul than fear.

I don't know about you but I'm totally planning on graduating UES ( University of Earth School) because as beautiful as it is here I'm also looking forward to what's next, especially with my higher self fully engaged

When God is guiding us to take action, to make changes (even massive ones) it is always for our benefit; and yes, pulling the plug on a relationship, career or location can trigger a variety of emotion and old wounds but ultimately the change is a very tangible opportunity to engage more fully in your higher self. This is why we are here after all, to become fully human which is a union of our high self with our human self. Each time we overcome a shadow emotion like fear, abandonment, no one hears me, I don't matter, I'm unlovable, I have to do it all myself, we are shifting towards the great amalgamation of our higher self with human self. Sounds scrumptious, right!

If we wait for a guarantee that we won't get hurt or that we won't lose out in some way by making the radical choice that's been asked of us then we are absent of true faith.

Initially I had no idea why I was being guided to move to Kauai, but the KNOWING to make the move was strong. I leaned into faith and leapt into the unknown. The out come, I overcame dysfunctional relationship patterns, found comfort in my soul through times of solitude, deepened faith and trust in myself and with the Universe all which allowed me to overcome some of my shadow side and grow a bit closer to my higher self. Plus I got be nurtured by the land and the water, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

The nudges came that we were all complete in Kauai and it was time to choose another soul growth experience, Boston is where we landed and soul opportunities are on the horizon. I' m excited!

So when the Universe dishes you up a giant dose of move forward...

Keep being brave. Make bold choices. Keep saying yes. Keep listening to your rockin intuition. Keep moving forward. Keep trusting that the universe is conspiring with you. Keep believing and having faith that your life, lessons, the people, and circumstances are enriching your soul. You are truly limitless in your creations of this life experience. Why not supersize all that delights and ignites you!


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