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The Signs Are Everywhere

The Universe, Source, God is always listening to our prayers, intentions, desires and wishes.

The old saying "your prayers are always answered" is true. It's just that sometimes the answers come in strange wrapping paper.

When we ask, it is given. The key is that when we ask, it comes from a place of complete unwavering. When we ask, its is from certainty yet with total detachment of when, where, how and why.

Practice playing with the universe. Try asking for signs, like numbers, colors, animals, birds, butterflies and messages. Let's say you ask the universe to send you butterflies as a way to know that you are connected and that the universe is listening. Without seeking you will begin to notice butterflies appearing. Remember that the universe delivers what we ask for in strange wrapping paper sometimes...butterflies could show up on your childs cartoon, you could hear about butterflies on your drive to work form the radio, someone could have a butterfly sticker on their car or an actual butterfly will cross your path. Smile and say thank you. The more gratitude the more the universe will deliver what it is you desire.

The universe is speaking to you, are you listening?

The universe hasn't left you on your own, its is guiding you. Are you paying attention? If you see repeating numbers, don't be shy, look them up, find the spiritual meaning in the numbers. If you continue to see a certain animal, look up that animal totem and find the meaning. Numerous times the universe has sent me signs, when I reveal the messages, im filled with knowing, reassurance and guidance. Remember, you are loved and guided.


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