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The time is now and the opportunities are plentiful

I feel that we are in such an amazing time right now where we are being given an opportunity on a silver platter. In times of great challenge we see our true self; how we show up and what we are sending out into group consciousness. We are adding to hope or adding to fear. We are inspiring or disempowering others. Please don't forget that you are first and foremost spirit. Your spirit is limitless. Act from your spirit which is directly connected to Source and use your God spark to active your super (natural) powers.

Now more than ever it's time to access and apply your virtues and intuition.

Virtues like kindness,consideration, generosity, hope, peace and calm are a few that will have an enormous impact on the group consciousness at this time as we navigate our way through a global pandemic.

Stepping into the the gift of intuition gives you the opportunity to discover what is true and what is false. Connecting to Source and to the Earth provides support, safety, grounding, love and overall the ability to connect to the highest truth of any giving situation. You are truly designed to be in your authentic spiritual power. Don't hold back your awesomeness!

Looking ahead...

Step into the power of your spirit by activating and enhancing your super (natural) courses coming soon.

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