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There is order even in the chaos of our world.

We are a global consciousness, connected to one another energetically, psychically and divinely

Many of you have had days where you are in your bliss,

There is a reason for everything in your life and in our world, it's that whole controlled chaos playing out in our reality.  I am a big believer that everything in our life, in our world, is a teacher. Some things we are slow to learn, sometimes we are in perfect synchronicity and enjoy seamless interactions with our lessons, and sometimes we move two steps forward and many steps backwards. But we are always in the energy of opportunities for our evolution, personal and global, amongst the chaos. 

We just have to tune in

My kids and I were sitting outside last night, chatting, laughing, enjoying the sounds of nature and the air on our skin. Mid conversation I randomly blurted out "Our Flag Means Death" (a comedy my kids and I enjoy). My son's jaw dropped as he said " I was literally just thinking that".  It wasn't a surprise to me, this happens all the time, with people in our lives and within group consciousness.  I/we are picking up on others thoughts, without intending to, because we are broadcasters and receivers of psychic information (energy) naturally.


We are receiving and sending thoughts through our energy field, through our psychic channels and from the Divine. It is so second nature that we are not always paying attention to the information being received but more importantly, to the information (energy) that we are broadcasting.    

We are a global consciousness, connected to one another energetically, psychically and Divinely

a singular tribe known as humanity. 

Many of you have had days where you are in your bliss, your presence is present, then you get knocked out of bliss. You begin to feel low or fearful or angry, literally for what seems to be out of nowhere, but it is not, at all, out of nowhere. Your receptors were receiving psychic information (energy), it rippled through your energy field but then got stuck, triggering some of your own inner darkness (shadow). Then it ripples through you and throughout the global consciousness, spreading like wildfire to those that have similar triggers.

You are a spirit. You are a soul. You are a human. These three ingredients make you capable of helping to change outcomes in your own life, which then ripple out into the energy of the field, impacting the energetic patterns of all life (no pressure ha ha). What you choose to believe, what you choose to hang on to, is what your brain focuses on and begins to energetically ripple into our global energy patterns and field.

Let's use the ripple effect to our advantage! You are not powerless in current events! You are an extension of the Divine, of God. You are gifted with the ability to create your reality, to call in what you want in your life and even in our world. The problem is that we lose our focus. We lose our focus when we succumb to fear. We lose our focus when we succumb to greed. We lose our focus when we succumb to rage. We lose our focus when we forget that we have the unique ability to impact outcomes by sheer focused intentions (another form of psychic energy and creation). 


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