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I enjoy being in charge of my calendar this is why you don't see an option to book directly through my site.  When you purchase a session I will reach out to you typically within 24 hours. The other option for booking a session with me would be to send me an email letting me know you would like to schedule and we can go from there. Have a beautiful day.

     Mentorship Level 1

This is an immersive 1:1 experience over the course of 3 months where you will align with the Divine pathway to access purity for reads and healing for yourself, others, the earth and even animals.

Learn to unlock your super natural power for healing, readings, shifting beliefs, release interfering darkness and so much more

Unlocking Your Inner Hero
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In this 6 week online intuitive development course you will learn how to dial in your intuition so that you can unlock your inner hero.

Through instructional videos, guided meditations and practical exercises you will;

- Identify your super powers (psychic senses and personal virtues)

- Unlock the 3 keys that connect you to the highest truth

- The Universe is guiding you, recognize the signs

- Learn how to get the answers you have been seeking

- Discover your body's truth meter

- Remove limiting beliefs

_ Receive Spiritual downloads

_ Connect with your Angelic Team

We will also have two Q & A calls, and a group forum through our 6 weeks together.

      Wisdom Session 
Healing Stones

We will begin with an intuitive reading to gently unlock  belief structures that are blocking your healthy progress. In the integrative healing session we work together to shift and heal your old patterns that are blocking you from your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical best.  With the guidance and support of Source, beautiful transformations are set into motion.

Spiritual Mentoring
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Together we can... get you connected to who you truly are. Uncover your desires. Set intentions and take steps to reach them. Achieve your dreams. Identify and remove limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks.  
Whether you are already using your intuition to enrich your life and choices or want to understand how to use your natural born talents and gifts, together we can get you to a place of more clarity and overall connection to self and Source.

Wisdom Session for 2

Develop New Tools, Release Old Blocks, Empower Relationships. Learn how to work together with better harmony, speak each other's love language and bring communication to new heights.  Whether you are business collaborators, romantic partners, relatives or simply friends, outdated belief systems can get in the way, Remove stale and outdated ways of relating, learn to separate old bagage from current relationships and work towards seeing the highest truth and perspective in all situations. 
*Sessions are designed for 2 people


Statements made on this website or in the classes, workshops and in session are not intended to treat, diagnose cure or prevent any disease. This information is given strictly for educational purposes. In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other health care professional.


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