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I enjoy being in charge of my calendar this is why you don't see an option to book directly through my site.  When you purchase a session I will reach out to you typically within 24 hours. The other option for booking a session with me would be to send me an email letting me know you would like to schedule and we can go from there. Have a beautiful day.

    1:1 Apprenticeship/Mentoring 


This 1:1 immersive experience takes place over the course of 3 months allotting time for you to digest and integrate your teachings and healing. Throughout our time together, you will be asked to apply the spiritual processes we've been working on together. There will be weekly journaling prompting questions to keep on your growth path and help with accountability.  We meet weekly, via zoom, to concur beliefs that are blocking you from your fullest potential, advance your intuition, plus time for any questions that have surfaced.  We will work towards your goals - through consistency we will bring simplicity and ease to your healing, intuition and growth in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, unlocking your fullest potential...ituition, healing, growth

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Learn To Intuitively Scan/Read The Body

This online course is loaded with key insights, methods and tools for healers, intuitives and the curious dabblers that truly want to unlock their scanning abilities. 

  • Learn the 3 keys of connecting 

  • 3 proven scanning techniques

  • Guided videos to strengthen your skills


COMING SOON!  |  $199

Wisdom Session 
Healing Stones

We will begin with an intuitive reading to gently unlock  belief structures that are blocking your healthy progress. In the integrative healing session we work together to shift and heal your old patterns that are blocking you from your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical best.  With the guidance and support of Source, beautiful transformations are set into motion.

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Unlocking Your Inner Hero
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In this prerecorded, online, and self-paced intuitive development course you will learn how to dial in your intuition so that you can unlock your inner hero.

Unlocking Your Medical Intuitive


I've loaded this online course with key insights for healers, intuitives, & experienced dabblers that truly want to unlock their medical intuition, understand the wisdom of the body & truly soar in soul growth on this journey.


              3 Proven Scanning                                       Techniques

Our scans should tell us everything we need to know to help shift beliefs, dysfunction and dis-ease in the body. If this isn't happening for you then lets active the missing piece.

In-Depth Videos Series

This course will take you on a journey through the body. All the colorful emotions, beliefs and programs that get locked in at an early age. The common threads between these and the way they impact our overall health.

The Energy Shift

I will share specific tools and process to help you get from the disharmony, whether it's in the body or spirit, to the energy shift that assist in over coming everyday life programs and dysfunctions.

3 keys to connecting

this way instead of using your body you'll work from your light body and you'll utilize the highest level of light and consciousness 

COMING SOON!  |  $1500

Radiant Reproductive Health

Radiant Reproductive Health is a self-paced, online course loaded with key insights on the beliefs carried within the female reproductive system. These beliefs often go unseen and not only block your radiant reproductive health but cause you to attract unhealthy relationships and relationship patterns in your life. As your journey through the colorful emotions within this system you learn to connect the dots of your behavior, your relationships and what it is that your soul wants.

Through guided video's, you will learn to scan and connect on new levels to your reproductive system,

then have full access to processes to shift from dysfunction to alignment of what it is your soul is calling you to do. Enjoy deep cellular emotional integrations as you soak in the positive emotions that bring you radiant health. You will learn how emotions can cause physical symptoms in the female reproductive system and how you can tap into the energy of the Divine to shift from emotional/physical dysfunction into your radiant health. The foundation of Unlocking Your Medical Intuitive (UYMI) is included with this course.

  • Uncover common beliefs associated with your reproductive system

  • Methods to release these beliefs and blocks

  • Learn 3 proven scanning techniques to deepen your connection to your reproductive system

  • Positive emotional integrations

COMING SOON!  |  $299

Spiritual Mentoring
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Together we can... get you connected to who you truly are. Uncover your desires. Set intentions and take steps to reach them. Achieve your dreams. Identify and remove limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks.  
Whether you are already using your intuition to enrich your life and choices or want to understand how to use your natural born talents and gifts, together we can get you to a place of more clarity and overall connection to self and Source.

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Statements made on this website or in the classes, workshops and in session are not intended to treat, diagnose cure or prevent any disease. This information is given strictly for educational purposes. In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other health care professional.


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