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Success is being the orchestrator of your destiny

  And may what's hidden be revealed for your greatest benefit. 

Courses curated to develop and enhance your spiritual gifts.

Learning To Read/Scan The Body

This online course is loaded with key insights, methods and tools for healers, intuitives', & the curious dabblers that truly want to unlock their scanning potential.



Unlocking Your Medical Intutive

I've loaded this online course with key insights for healers, intuitives, & dabblers that truly want to unlock their medical intuition, understand the wisdom of the body & enable the soul growth on this journey.





 Radiant Reproductive Health

This online course is loaded with key insights, methods and tools to intuitively connect to the wisdom of the reproductive system to promote radiant Reproductive health.  



1 Hour Wisdom Session

Insightful, intuitive information to help you shift


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1 hour Spiritual Mentoring
World environment day concept_ Two human

Enhance your intuition and deepen your connection. Single Session


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About Rochelle

Aloha and welcome.

 I’m Rochelle Kindell Stanley. A born mystic and spiritual teacher, intuitive, energy healer, divine communicator and Mother of two.

I am fortunate to have had my intuition active at a young age. It has acted as my guiding compass and truth meter throughout my life. From my earliest memories I have felt the blessings of being connected to and commutative with Source. I have been moved by profound spiritual experiences that lifted the veil and allowed me to follow my truth, my path and to be here for you.

As I utilize my gift as an intuitive investigator for the soul I hold space for you to awaken your gifts, elevate your connection to the Divine, and for you to receive healings that create emotional and physical transformation. This is performed with immense clarity while working in alignment with Sources unconditional love, truth and wisdom. 

The outcome assists in revealing your divine truth while raising your consciousness and shifting outdated beliefs. All aiding spiritual growth and development. 

I build on the foundation of truth, that we are all creators of our realities, all gifted and all completely loved.

My understanding of, and respect for individual belief structures allows me to approach sensitive topics with grace, kindness and love on your journey to wellness and spiritual development.


Hi loves, this website is owned and operated by me, Rochelle Kindell Stanley. This website offers visitors the opportunity to book sessions or courses, read my blog and hopefully allows your to receive some goodness. By accessing or using the website of my services, you approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms. Also, I respect your privacy and will not share your information. 

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