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Spiritual Debts

Hello beautiful souls.

The authority of your destiny When I tune into the energy of group consciousness, there is this feeling that comes up, we have drifted away from how much power we have to influence our own lives and the lives of others. When we step back into our commanding position and become the influencer of our reality again it's like we are at helm and the ship rights itself again. I can feel that our world needs you back in this role, the authority of your destiny.

So many things have the potential to get in our way, to cause distraction but also to cause challenge. When the challenge comes we can face it and say "do you worst" and rise into that challenge and totally ace it or participate in the flip side, that side that sneaks its way into our subconscious and conscious reality that often causes a stalemate.

In my world and the world where my work has the greatest impact, the stalemate is where all your latent gifts are just waiting on the sidelines to be activated. And what's been showing up lately in my work and through group consciousness, is how debt is impacting our freedom. Freedom of spirit. When you think of debt, you probably think of credit cards, car payments, mortgage, school etc.. These debts do affect our abundance but this isn't the debt that blocks our spiritual freedom, creates suffering and slows us from our destiny.

It's the debt we carry for being alive. Can you imagine? I have seen this too many times, debt holding the most inspirational souls back, yet there is always a positive and influential reason(s) why. The why is the gem of my work and the work of others gifted souls helping us rise to our fullest potential. The why leads us to the what and the what is the action you are meant to take to access your greater gifts and higher life experience. This is the quest of your soul. Sometimes you just need to take a deeper dive to reach the understanding.

Here are some common beliefs around the energy of debt. When you read them, notice how your body responds. Does it tense up? Is there a bit of a trigger? Can you relate?

1. I owe God for my life

2. I owe my mom/dad for my life or for being alive

3. I am here to serve and there is no time for enjoyment

4. I am responsible for my mom's/dad's life

5. When I receive support from God or others, I owe them my life, my life force energy, I am a slave to them

Here are some ways I can help

Whether this is past life stuff weaving into this now reality or beliefs that are surfacing in this life, they take a toll and over time strain the adrenals, impact the lungs and the skeletal system. What we believe is always playing out. You are meant to be the master of your domain, and now is the time to claim your birthright...I have the right to be here, the right to thrive, the right to receive support, the right for my soul to be free of debt.

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