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I Love That The Soul Sees Beauty On Levels Not Advertises On Social Media

Hello beautiful souls. What a year (or two) it has been for you, for me, for all involved in this concept called soul growth right here, University of Earth.

With the teachings of my chiron and covid by my side, can I call myself a master yet...ha ha

(that's me and the universe laughing). The past few years have taken me through so many transitions and I'm often reminded that the transitions that don't look too pretty from the outside and feel even a little more gory on the inside, are the ones that our soul craves. I love that the soul sees beauty and intelligents on levels not advertised on social media, no offense Insta.

Your wounds, they matter, actually, they really, REALLY MATTER! Your wounds are like buoys, you can attempt to push them under the surface but buoys are resilient and will resurface just like your badass wounds. Attempts to avoid, deny or project your wounds, your spirit will whisper "hey little munchkin, take a look to see what you are being asked to learn, digest and understand so you can conquer and move on" .

But, we are wounded, it hurts and we don't want to poke at our wounds. So what happens next, the body starts a brand new, entirely different and even more uncomfortable conversation. The whispers have become pain, ailments or even a manifestation of dis-ease. Your body, your life and all the "things" that have happened that caused your wounds have offered you your greatest opportunities for achievement and are more valuable than we can conceptualize. Forget gold (you can't take it with you) you are SPIRIT first, what you do learn through your experiences and especially overcoming your wounds, makes your spirit rich, interesting and a walking healing manifestation of radical overcoming. And to top it all off, your spirit has new knowledge and wisdom to share and pass through your DNA to bring greater ease to the next generations ( sounds worth it, doesn't it!).

You're right, it doesn't end and sometimes you may feel like, hey, I just cleaned up this mess and now there is another one, are you kidding me Universe. But the cool thing is that if you've cleaned up one mess and then there is another mess that looks and feels completely different, that means that you have learned, you have grown and have now graduated from your past lessons and are in forward motion! GROWTH is why we are here. Congratulate yourself, you're doing amazing at this gig called life.

So remember your wounds are teaching your spirit-self and human-self lessons in the form of virtues, the more virtues we anchor into our being the sooner we become limitless creators and this is how we turn our world around.

Personal share

Our body is our teacher & this is where my body has taken me recently...

My belief work and current lessons have been retrieved from my lymph system and we've become besties in the past year.

It all started with swollen lymph nodes (remember, when the body or our lives begin to physically manifest systems, it's obvious that we are being guided to clear something up emotionally and

all emotional wounds will surface just like a buoy). Ok, so, I dove into my belief work and asked my lymphatic system what it needed, It replied "I've got this, I know what I am doing, but, you, you need to be yourself and claim your right to be". This was an emotional spontaneous healing for myself and was directly placed into action in my daily life (the video below has the details). Our beautiful and glorious lymph system is a fighting machine, bravely and courageously fighting off the bad guys that could cause illness, This means that confrontation is part of its tactic along with communicating, being authentic and taking up some space in the world.


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