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It's only natural

Throughout our life we go through the death and rebirth, why not embrace it!

There is this natural process that occurs with every soul. This process ensures completion of a phase or cycle of life: in essence the graduation of a component of your soul's purpose.


From Ashes To Renewal

From the ashes, rises the beautiful Phoenix. Sometimes what no longer serves must be burned away. Often we don't recognize a cycle of completion on a physical level. These completions register emotionally and are more often meet with resistance rather than gratitude. The end of a cycle (the death) is a marker that to this point in your life, you have completed all that was necessary for this particular phase of your souls growth. Your spirit is holding space for you to graduate from lessions with people, situations, career and possible even locations. Now is a perfect time to close the chapter and begin a new adventure, engage with new lessens with complete gratitude for the internal wisdom gained from the past cycles.

You're encouraged to move fearlessly forward and embrace the Phoenix process. You're not alone, around the corner is someone equally wonderful that is letting go and be nudged out of their comfort zone. Proudly accept the gifts that brought you to the phase of ashes, truly the completion of a cycle and the burning of what does not serve any longer. From this place of acknowledgement the ashes cleanse, purify and restore your soul. There is freedom in this process as you let go of what was to embrace what is about to be. #thephoenix #rebirth #freedom #spirituality #mindfulness #health #healing #truth #positivity #faith #trust #itsnatural #flow #love #joy #bliss #magic #selflove #healing #beautifullife #goodvibes #highvibes #lifecycles #selflove #love #tranformation #medamorphasis

Trust, Surrender, Gratitude, Faith

What Earth Course Is Your Soul Guiding You Through?

No one slips through the hands of death and rebirth cycles. It is a bit like shedding old skin. The idea is to be able to identify the process you're in, recognize the earth courses you're ending and beginning. Meet the process in complete trust, gratitude and surrender. You've got this.

You Want Me To Do What

I was living in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. My business was flourishing, I had a beautiful and powerful community, my family was there when I got the message...


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